ALS leases a wide variety of machines to fit your laundry needs. These include full size, stackable and portable sets.

We begin by helping you assess exactly what products fit the space, as well as your budget. We then deliver and install our certified high quality equipment at your convenience and at no additional cost.

Our service is backed by names such as Whirlpool and LG, and other major brands, to assure that the products we install will perform effectively for years to come. However, if a problem should arise, our expert service team is always ready to respond quickly and effectively.

With our high quality products and superior service you can expect worry-free convenience, quality and support for years to come.

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Some of our In-Unit Machines

Type Model # Size Manufacturer Specs
machine Washer ETW4400VQ Full Whirlpool pdf
machine Dryer EED4400WQ Full Whirlpool pdf
machine Washer WTW5100VQ Full Whirlpool pdf
machine Dryer WED5000VQ Full Whirlpool pdf
machine Washer LCE4332PQ Compact/Portable Whirlpool pdf
machine Dryer LDR3822PQ Compact/Portable Whirlpool pdf
machine Combo-Electric LTE5243DQ All in One Whirlpool pdf
Combo-Gas LTG5243DQ All in One Whirlpool
machine Combo-Electric WET3300SQ All in One Whirlpool pdf
machine Combo-Electric WM3455HW All in One LG pdf